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A Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security

Over half of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by third parties that led to the misuse of sensitive or confidential information. An even larger number attribute the cause of the data breach to granting too much access to third parties. Even though outsourcing business functions to third-party vendors seems like an easy win for businesses, there’s a cost and a very real threat to granting third parties access into your internal systems and networks.

The 2021 Ponemon report sponsored by SecureLink takes a deep dive into the third-party lifecycle, the cyber risks associated with each stage, and the statistics that reinforce the crisis in third-party management. In this report you’ll find:

  • Statistics and findings from the Ponemon Institute report that surveyed hundreds of individuals who are involved in their organization’s approach to third-party risks and management
  • An in-depth look at each stage of the third-party lifecycle, including the greatest point of risk in the lifecycle – the secure connection – where most data breaches occur
  • How to secure the greatest point of risk in the third-party lifecycle and best practices for securing third-party remote access and implementing third-party risk management practices.

Your organization doesn’t have to be one of these statistics. Download this report to discover how you can stop data breaches and secure your remote access before your third parties are compromised.

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