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State of CAM in Healthcare

Every organization has critical assets they need to protect, whether it’s their critical systems, networks, or data. For healthcare organizations, patient data is the most critical and highly valued asset — which makes it a prime target for hackers and bad actors. And to make matters more complicated, a hacker’s preferred method of attack is also what healthcare facilities heavily rely on for daily operations: third parties.

Even though these third parties provide essential services to healthcare organizations, they’re the biggest threat to a healthcare facility’s cybersecurity. “A Matter of Life and Death: The State of Critical Access Management in Healthcare” takes a deep dive into the critical condition of third-party security across healthcare organizations. In this report conducted by the Ponemon Institute, you’ll learn more on:

  • The current state of third-party security in healthcare organizations.
  • The unique challenges around access rights that the healthcare sector faces.
  • How critical access management can mitigate the risk of third-party threats.

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