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The State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Risk

A new business landscape is emerging. Organizations can operate virtually anywhere with cloud-enabled workforces, decentralized systems, and remote vendor partnerships. But with innovation this vast and this quick, security hasn’t kept up.

Over half of organizations have made changes to their cybersecurity structure over the last two years in response to this shift in business environments, but it’s barely moved the needle. The number of cyberattacks has increased, specifically through third-party vendor access, and businesses are failing to take proactive steps to secure internal and external access points.

The 2022 Ponemon Institute State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Security Report, sponsored by SecureLink, dives into the current state of cybersecurity and third-party security across industries. Download the report to learn what organizations are doing — or not doing — to protect mission-critical systems and thwart cyber threats.

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