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4 Keys to Unlocking Mobile Workflows

Healthcare Provider Organizations (HPOs) are looking to mobile to facilitate better care quality, clinical satisfaction, and IT efficiency. Gaining adoption and ultimately success for these mobile initiatives hinges on a complex intersection of requirements and strategy across several different teams and user groups including Mobile teams, IT administration, Clinical end users and even patients. This complexity is amplified by the unique requirements needed to support enterprise-owned, shared-use clinical devices such as those used at the point of care.

Innovative HPOs are carving a path for clinical mobility, building strategy and tech stacks that help support these end-to-end mobile initiatives. If done properly, organizations can achieve the right balance between security and compliance requirements without compromising usability or manageability for their teams.

Watch this webinar to hear mobile best practices from the field including:

  • Building the right tech stack for your environment (hardware, software, infrastructure)
  • Managing various user groups
  • Supporting secure interoperability
  • Enabling adoption and usability

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