Addressing Drug Diversion in Healthcare: Where Do I Start?

Drug diversion in healthcare facilities has become a growing problem in recent years, affecting patients, care providers, drug diverters, and the community at large. Drug diversion is fueled largely by the opioid epidemic, which claimed over 49,000 deaths last year – a 410 percent increase over 2002. As a result of the rising trend in diversion, healthcare facilities are faced with the task of catching and reporting incidents of drug diversion. They may, however, become overwhelmed with the task of detecting, investigating, and preventing future incidents.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how drug diversion can affect a healthcare facility’s security and compliance, and how to create a full lifecycle drug diversion monitoring program.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Form a successful drug diversion committee
  • Detect and respond to incidents of diversion
  • Properly report incidents to DEA, law enforcement, OIG, nursing/pharmacy boards, and more
  • Create a culture of privacy, compliance, and security in your facility to drive out drug diversion and increase patient safety

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