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Build or buy: Choosing a path for Salesforce security

Only 29 percent of in-house software development projects are a success, which means building a cloud security solution for a platform like Salesforce can be challenging. The decision of whether to build or buy a mature cloud security solution can be a difficult one for financial services and insurance organizations – especially when attempting to advance information security tools alongside competing organizational priorities.

It’s an important time to explore cloud security solutions, particularly for Salesforce: According to Accenture, financial services breaches have tripled over the past five years. And according to a 2018 IBM report, each record breached costs financial services firms an average of $206 per record — 29 times the global average.

This Executive Series Webinar replay, featuring The PURE Group of Insurance Companies and Salesforce, demonstrates how PURE answered the “build or buy” question when seeking a Salesforce data security solution.

  • Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • What drove PURE’s need for Salesforce data security
  • What PURE learned about the build vs. buy question
  • Best practices for determining the right fit for your needs
  • Salesforce solutions that can provide total visibility into user activity
  • The Salesforce Shield product roadmap for 2019 and beyond

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