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Clinical, IT, and Compliance: IAM Co-Champions for Healthcare

Identity and access management is often considered the purview of IT and Security departments. However, especially in healthcare, the significance of an automated identity governance solution also impacts Clinical and Compliance organizations.

COVID has intensified the need for clinicians’ Day 1 access to critical systems and applications, and it has highlighted the need for front-line managers to determine, request, and approve their employees’ access in real-time. Are you prepared?

Join Kathleen McGrow, DNP, MS, RN, CNIO at Microsoft and Jaimin Patel, Product Lead, Identity Governance at Imprivata for an experience-driven discussion of digital identity management in healthcare.

Get objective viewpoints, as our speakers evaluate real-world use cases and share how easy and powerful an automated identity management solution can be for healthcare.

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Reduce clinician burnout with Day 1 access to key systems and data
  • Solve security challenges with stronger identity governance
  • Partner with internal / external stakeholders to increase compliance and improve patient care

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