Cloud Visibility Report

Today’s businesses often leverage cloud computing as a central point of business. The associated data is the most valuable and business-critical asset for any organization. But this proliferation of data brings a lot more user activity. As more organizations begin to monitor this activity using audit logs (like those available through Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring), the question becomes: Where do I start? And: How can I translate cloud visibility into insights around application and cloud security, usage/adoption, performance, and compliance?

The Cloud Visibility Report reveals, for the first time, the priorities of actual organizations when it comes to increasing Salesforce visibility and monitoring cloud-based applications. Download the in-depth guide to learn what activity can be tracked in cloud applications – and your peers’ priorities for the monitoring of their mission-critical cloud applications.

This guide will explain exactly how organizations are using monitoring to…

  • Improve cloud application security and prevent today’s most advanced threats
  • Foster strong ROI for Salesforce and other applications by driving usage and adoption
  • Unlock additional value from their tech investment by strengthening application performance
  • Meet key regulations and security frameworks like SOX, PCI DSS, NIST, and ISO 27001

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