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Covering all bases: See proactive and reactive Salesforce data security solutions

Is your sensitive cloud data as protected as it should be? Do you have visibility into who sees what data in Salesforce? Do you have a way to respond if someone abuses their privileges and access data they shouldn't? And what’s the best way to approach Salesforce security – proactively or reactively?

Federal regulations around securing personal and financial data are very strict for a reason – no company wants to leave their data exposed to the world. To implement, manage, and fortify your security controls for Salesforce and other cloud platforms, think about protecting your data in entirely new ways.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from security expert Kevin Thompson, Salesforce Security Architect, and see demos of two tools that help you:

  • Implement and configure your Salesforce org to control who sees what
  • Monitor and detect inappropriate access to sensitive information
  • Grow and innovate without adding risk

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