Do no harm. Positive patient identification saves lives, money and time.

The sheer magnitude and speed of the COVID pandemic brought new light on the importance of positive patient identification and matching patients with their correct medical record. 72% of healthcare leaders say patient matching challenges became somewhat or significantly more apparent during the pandemic. A recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 1 in 5 patients spotted an error in their electronic medical records.

Behind and beyond the statistics are stories: of clinicians who experience the challenge of treating based on complete information, and of real patients whose safety and quality of care is impacted by being correctly identified.

Join members of the Imprivata Clinical team for a moderated, interactive discussion where they will:

  • Describe real-life examples of how patient misidentification affects downstream clinical and financial workflows
  • Illustrate how touchless biometric authentication can mitigate challenges and improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Build a business case based on statistics and stories to engage C-Suite stakeholders and drive decisions for innovative healthcare organizations to invest in positive patient identification solutions.

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