How e-prescribing technology solutions can cut paper prescriptions, boost provider and patient satisfaction

Before implementing electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), providers at Gundersen Health System were required to use paper prescriptions, resulting in a frustrating workflow that affected physicians and patients. Patients were required to travel long distances to receive paper prescriptions and the hospital faced increased risk of theft as paper prescriptions were printed to centralized locations.

To address this issue, Gundersen partnered with Imprivata to implement Confirm ID for EPCS. The system allowed Gundersen’s providers to reduce paper prescriptions and improve workflow efficiency while meeting Drug Enforcement Administration requirements.

Read this article for Gundersen’s lessons learned in regards to implementing an EPCS solution, including:

  • 6 tips for a successful go-live
  • Addressing the challenge of paper prescriptions
  • Getting providers on board with an EPCS solution

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