EPCS Readiness Guide

There is significant momentum behind electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), with mandates being passed at the national and state levels. While you may already be considering an EPCS solution, it’s important to understand the complexity of such a project, including the DEA requirements of EPCS.

There are a number of tactical steps that IT, clinical leadership, pharmacy, application/EHR teams, compliance/credentialing departments, and others must take together to successfully implement EPCS and realize its significant benefits. These steps can be organized into five key phases: assessment, preparation, testing, enrollment, and deployment.

Our EPCS Readiness Guide provides the steps performed during each phase, including the suggested departmental owner of each task, to help you keep your EPCS project on track. The project plan:

  • The most important steps to follow in each phase of the project
  • The key questions to ask
  • A handy matrix you can use to track your progress

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