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Fast, secure access to VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

In today’s healthcare environment, when new providers join an organization, IT teams are required to quickly spin up new corporate PCs so users can quickly access their systems and begin treating patients.

Leading virtual desktop partners like VMware host virtual desktops on cloud platforms, leveraging single-session WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) to enable IT organizations to quickly spin up virtual desktops while reducing overall costs.

But a key challenge remains: how can providers access these systems quickly and securely from any location?

Wes Wright, CTO at Imprivata, and Mike Lonze, Director of Healthcare Alliance Engineering at VMware, have a brief discussion where you will learn about:

  • The impact that this cloud-enabling integration between Imprivata and VMware can have on your security and efficiency.
  • Best-practices for enabling fast, secure single sign-on (SSO) into applications on virtual desktops hosted on cloud platforms.
  • Key clinical workflows, such as e-prescribing for controlled and non-controlled substances, and how these can be delivered on virtual desktops from any web-enabled device.

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