The Imprivata digital identity framework

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) have evolved into highly complex environments with many users and roles, locations, devices, and applications.

In simpler times, clinicians provided care in hospitals using thick client applications on dedicated workstations. Today, users and roles have multiplied, locations now extend beyond the hospital’s four walls, machines now include shared workstations and mobile devices, and applications are delivered from on-premises, cloud, or a combination of both.

Today more than ever, complex healthcare environments demand a secure and efficient approach to identity and access management.

Identity has now come to encompass an HDO’s entire ecosystem, including clinicians, patients, and external vendors, as well as non-human entities such as shared mobile and connected medical devices. A digital identity framework, and one that is customized to healthcare’s unique environment, can serve as a highly useful tool to organize and unify the digital identity strategy.

The Imprivata healthcare digital identity framework presents a unified, security- and efficiency-focused strategy to managing identities across the healthcare delivery organization’s complex ecosystem. The framework addresses key functions for healthcare leaders to leverage, including:

  • Governance and Administration,
  • Identity Management,
  • Authorization, and
  • Access and Authentication functions

The Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare illustrates where your existing Identity and Access Management tools fit into a broader, more holistic approach focused on your digital identities and their protection and security in your organization.

Trusted digital identities are paramount to efficient clinical workflows as well as moving quickly in order to support remote workers, virtual care – and whatever the unknown may be for the future.

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