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Imprivata Web SSO - Technical Q&A

Imprivata OneSign 7.0 introduces a Web SSO component purpose-built for healthcare that enables seamless access to cloud and on-premises applications. In fact, the latest version includes many “firsts” such as the first web SSO solution built for the shared Windows and mobile devices that are ubiquitous in healthcare. And the first Imprivata solution that provides end users with SSO on any device, anywhere, including Macs, iPads, Android phones and Chromebooks.

In this webinar Joe Finch, Senior Sales Engineer discusses what he has seen in his years speaking and scoping out solutions with customers. He’ll address some of the most common challenges he sees in healthcare for adopting cloud apps, and how many of these challenges are resolved with Imprivata 7.0.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Which applications are supported by Imprivata Web SSO.
  • How end-users can seamlessly access cloud apps on shared workstations.
  • How to enable multifactor authentication for accessing cloud apps remotely.

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