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Introduction to Imprivata Identity Governance

In an ever-changing workforce, the processes for requesting, granting, managing, and disabling resource access to systems is manual, time-consuming and inefficient. Not having clinicians up and running on day one is costly and takes away valuable time for them to focus on delivering quality patient care.

Imprivata Identity Governance gives you a holistic view of access risk vulnerabilities, including excessive or abnormal access rights and un-provisioned access. By automating identity management processes, IT costs decrease, data security increases, and the focus shifts back to quality patient care.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Replace the burdensome, slow, and error-prone manual administering of user accounts for clinical and non-clinical systems
  • Streamline auditing processes and analytics to enable faster threat evaluation and remediation
  • Increase productivity of clinical staff with automated, role-based access on day one
  • Leverage self-service account management to automatically grant end-users with access to critical applications while reducing helpdesk calls to IT

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