Mobile Health Emerges From Pandemic as a Transformative Technology in Healthcare

Virtual rounding. Mobile first. Two concepts that were a rarity before the COVID-19 pandemic. These core concepts allow healthcare staff and their patients to adjust to a new normal, where neither are tethered to a traditional personal computer to communicate, to enter information, or to retrieve it. But along with this newfound freedom and flexibility come increased concerns about the security and privacy of the information being entered and retrieved.

In this report, hear from Harun Rashid, vice president and chief information officer at Akron Children's Hospital and Zafar Chaudry, senior vice president and chief information officer of Seattle Children's Hospital about some of the benefits and challenges of an increased reliance on mobile technology. Additionally, Wes Wright, chief technology officer of Imprivata, provides key insight in an exclusive interview surrounding mobile technology and its new balancing act between usability and security when communicating with patients.

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