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Understanding Imprivata 3rd party vendor access powered by SecureLink

Did you know that more than half of all data breaches are caused by poor third-party vendor security? The good news is that we’ve got you covered. SecureLink Enterprise Access from Imprivata can improve your security by protecting unauthorised access to privileged accounts.

Join Martin Knight, International Sales Manager, and Cory Koperski, Solutions Engineer, and learn about our industry-leading solution for securing remote third-party access to critical systems and data, including:

  • Providing a secure connection for third parties that require access to your systems, servers, data, and applications
  • Ensuring that vendors, contractors and consultants are granted the least level of access required
  • Affording you the controls, visibility and peace of mind over third parties’ access without manual session shadowing

Watch now and find out how SecureLink Enterprise Access can secure third party access to your most sensitive data.


Speaker One

Martin Knight
International Sales Manager,

Speaker Two

Cory Koperksi
Solutions Engineer,

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