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Optimize your EHR

Live discussions with Christina Berg, RN MHA at Imprivata

Thursday May 23, 2024 at 1 PM EST

Bridge IT Resource Constraints and Streamline Patient Care:
Enhancing Efficiency and Security in Healthcare Operations

Join us for an insightful webinar focused on addressing the pain points within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and how managed services can provide effective solutions. In this session, we will explore the benefits of leveraging managed services to optimize your EHR, enhance user experience, and drive operational efficiency.

Our Director of Strategic Partners, Christina Berg, RN MHA, and Ben Dei our Vice President of Managed Services will be joined by Timothy Paul, Manager of Identity and Access with Lifespan and Omar Chacon, Application Support Manager with Barton Memorial Hospital as they as they discuss real-world examples from customers who have successfully implemented managed services alongside their EHR. We will delve into the specific pain points these customers faced within their EHR systems and how managed services helped overcome these challenges.

Key topics to be covered in this webinar include:

  • Understanding customer pain points: Gain insights into the common pain points experienced within the EHR systems, such as slow performance, integration issues, and user adoption challenges.
  • Leveraging managed services: providing proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support for your EHR infrastructure will ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.
  • Enhancing user experience: streamlining workflows, optimizing system configurations, and providing timely user support.
  • Driving operational efficiency: maximize the value of the EHR investment by optimizing system performance, ensuring data security, and enabling seamless integration with other healthcare IT solutions.

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Thursday June 20, 2024 at 1 PM EST

Empowering Small Healthcare with Imprivata and Community Connect:
Increasing clinician productivity and streamlining clinical workflows

Join us for an informative webinar focused on empowering Epic Community Connect for small healthcare organizations with healthcare IT security and identity management solutions. In this session, our Director of Strategic Partners, Christina Berg, RN MHA, will be joined by Stephanie Brubaker, Senior Community Connect Coordinator from Wellspan and Tracey Touma, Cybersecurity Business Liaison from Cleveland Clinic Foundation, as they discuss key strategies and best practices for small healthcare organizations to optimize their Epic EHR. We will delve into the challenges faced by EPIC Community Connect organizations in balancing usability, security, and efficiency, and how we can address these challenges.

Key topics to be covered in this webinar include:

  1. Optimizing the Epic EHR for small healthcare organizations: Gain insights on how to extend the EHR functionality to affiliated healthcare organizations and streamline data sharing.
  2. Enhancing user experience: allowing fast and secure access to the Epic EHR, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on patient care without compromising security.
  3. Real-world success stories: Hear from valued customers, as they share their experience and insights on how they were able to improve collaboration and patient care outcomes.
  4. Imprivata partnering with the Epic EHR platform: Imprivata’s collaboration enhances the integration and interoperability of the entire EHR ecosystem.

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Maximizing Your EHR Investment: Balancing Usability, Security, and Efficiency for Users

Download the 10 top tips from two Imprivata customers on how they were able to optimize their EHR investment, provide users with fast, secure access to the EHR, and so much more!

Tip Sheet - Maximizing your EHR investment: Tips from the experts

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Speaker One

Christina Berg
Director of Strategic Partner Sales, RN MHA,

Speaker Two

Timothy Paul
Manager of Identity and Access,

Speaker Three

Omar Chacon
Application Support Manager,
Barton Memorial Hospital

Speaker Four

Ben Dei
Vice President,
Managed Services,

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