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Return to work: Considerations for your strategic portfolio

Return to work: Considerations for your strategic portfolio

As employees begin thinking about returning to the office, organizations must prioritize projects and manage associated risks to ensure a smooth transition. Management teams are primarily responsible for steering their teams through this change and determining how and when the workforce can return to the office. Meanwhile, boards of directors must continue their oversight and develop an understanding of the problems their executives are focused on solving as they create a roadmap for recovery and growth.

Imprivata (formerly FairWarning) and PwC present their perspectives and provide guidance and tools an organization can leverage to follow a structured and disciplined approach as they bring their workforce back to the office.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Accelerating productivity and new ways of working as teams return to the office
  • Actions you can take at the strategic portfolio and project delivery layers
  • Identifying risks/challenges and associated actions to enhance outcomes
  • Preparing remobilization plans to accelerate delivery and benefits realization for slowed and deferred projects

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