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The ROI of SSO: A study on the value of time for Nursing staff

The overwhelming majority of direct patient care in the US today is delivered by nurses. Their time is at a premium, and as the most frequent users of the EHR, they’re also the most susceptible to losing valuable time each day having to repeatedly log into the EHR with usernames and passwords.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nursing Administration sought to quantify the amount of time that single sign-on liberated for nurses to care for patients. Conducted across 19 facilities in the CHRISTUS Health network, the study found that SSO liberated nearly 13,000 hours of keyboard time annually, totaling nearly $1.1 million in savings per year.

Lead author on the article, George Gellert MD, MPH, MPA, former CMIO at CHRISTUS Health, joins us to dive into the truly impressive results which underscore the remarkable return on investment (ROI) delivered by Imprivata OneSign.

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