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Supporting Telehealth: How healthcare is improving security, user experience and device management

Healthcare delivery organizations have rapidly implemented telehealth strategies and remote care options in response to the current pandemic. They are starting to develop new policies and protocols to incorporate virtual care into their long-term strategies as it has become the go-to vehicle for providers to deliver care to patients.

Technology plays a critical role in facilitating the successful adoption of virtual care, post-pandemic, but the scope must be broadened from patient encounters via video conference to a holistic, remote care strategy that integrates all facets of care delivery, both inside and outside the hospital walls.

Imprivata has worked with several customers, documenting their innovative use cases for virtual care. During this session we’ll highlight those use cases and walk through how they ramped up their virtual care initiatives for the pandemic and what they learned in the process.

We’ll show you the how and why they were able to facilitate the successful implementation of virtual care strategies by:

  • Reducing the risk of spreading infectious disease through no-touch workflows
  • Enabling a seamless experience for new and remote clinical workflows
  • Supporting low-touch, remote implementation and managed services
  • Improving security and maintaining compliance by adapting digital identity strategies and solutions

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