Two Lessons to Remember When Integrating a New EHR

For far too long, poor EHR system and integration projects have wasted time, decreased productivity and fatigued clinicians.

Each extra log-on can add up to thousands of hours of lost time that could be spent with your patients, improving the overall quality of care.

To help reduce that expensive and unnecessary log-on fatigue, increase clinician satisfaction, and get more return on investment when it comes to EHRs, many healthcare organizations are looking to replace existing EHR platforms with more comprehensive systems or undertake critical integration projects to more seamlessly tie together medical record, specialty, and ancillary applications. But only if healthcare organizations can find ways to finally unshackle their clinical staff from the very tools that are supposed to help them—and allow them to spend the majority of their time actually caring for the patient.

Download this white paper to help your healthcare organization reduce millions of hours of mundane, repetitive, and too often insecure work that gets in the way of patient care each and every year.

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