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VDI lessons from the field: Optimizing your virtual desktop infrastructure

Moffitt Cancer Center initially undertook its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) transition for many of the same reasons other organizations adopt this technology. The Moffitt team wanted to simplify the administration and maintenance of the desktops, systems and applications used by its clinical staff. Other considerations included lowering hardware expenses and reducing energy costs by lowering its power consumption by reducing its cooling requirements.

In the process of achieving these IT-focused benefits, the Moffitt IT team also identified opportunities for virtualized desktops to make major improvements in clinical workflows and care providers’ productivity. Pursuing those opportunities became the second phase of the hospital’s VDI initiative. For the Moffitt IT team, the challenge was to find a way to maximize clinicians’ use of roaming desktops in patient care while minimizing their authentication and access complexities.

By combining the VDI capabilities of Citrix XenDesktop with the advanced authentication and single sign-on capabilities of Imprivata OneSign, Moffitt has implemented roaming desktops in a way that enhances patient care while also ensuring rapid and enthusiastic care provider adoption. By streamlining care provider workflows and access to key applications such the Cerner EMR system, the combined Citrix/Imprivata solution is enabling Moffitt’s physicians, nurses, other clinicians, and administrative team members to make substantial improvements in patient care.

Watch this webinar to hear direct from John McFarland, Director of Architecture and Engineering at Moffitt Cancer Center to learn to you can:

  • Eliminate frustrating and time-consuming log-in procedures for clinicians
  • Leverage Citrix VDI investment to streamline workflows
  • Let clinicians fully utilize their roaming desktops in patient care
  • Improve desktop manageability, lower costs, and other IT-focused benefits

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