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EPCS success story: WCA Hospital

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) delivers a number of benefits. It helps address prescription drug abuse by reducing “doctor shopping” and minimizing the risk of altered, stolen or fraudulent prescriptions. But to realize these benefits, healthcare organizations must implement EPCS systems that meet DEA requirements. However, these requirements present a potential challenge to implementation and physician adoption.

This webinar features Laura Josephson, RN, Clinical Informatics Manager and EPCS project lead at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY discussing the strategies and technologies they used to become one of the first healthcare organizations in New York to successfully implement EPCS.

In this webinar you’ll learn how WCA Hospital is using EPCS to:

  • Eliminate dual prescribing workflows and improve provider satisfaction
  • Meet Meaningful Use e-Prescribing requirements
  • Increase patient satisfaction by eliminating repeated visits to the doctor and reducing long wait times at the pharmacy

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